Domicilium - house hunter Toulouse, house finding agency Haute Garonne - this is :

A buyers dedicated service

While real estate agents represent sellers, and thus have the aim to sell their clients’ property, Domicilium's only concern is to find your property. The search is based on established criteria listed in the search contract. Domicilium can therefore offer you the best service and as we do not have any properties to sell our only goal is to find the property you really want.

A Clear and precise join commitment

All commitments taken by Domicilium with his clients are definite in a contract, named search contract.

The search contract thus contains the following conditions : home hunter toulouse

Fast and efficient service

We do use all the information available on the property market. As soon as the contract between Domicilium and his client has been signed, the whole property market is investigated via a multiplicity of channels : advertising from the estate agency network as well as from landlords, notaries, property administrators, land or estate developers, dealers in property, auction sale, etc. Pre-viewings are then immediately arranged and scheduled.

Confidentiality guaranteed

All informations provided to Domicilium by his client for the agreed contract are strictly confidential.

Unambiguous and detailed information

All information on properties previewed by a Domicilium' agent is reported and transmitted to the client by email, post, during a meeting at the client’s home or office or in Domicilium's office. With such detailed and precise information in hand, the client may then be able to decide which property he would like to visit.

Objective support and absolute availability of our buying agents

A Domicilium buying agent is available on a 24 hour basis and will always be there to attend to your queries and to provide all help or information required right up to the moment of the final settlement at the solicitor’s office.

Guaranteed professionalism

Domicilium is a registered company and falls under French juridiction. Therefore :
  • is also covered by a Professional Civil Liability (RCPSAA) : Sérénis Assurances, 34 rue du Wacken, 67906 Strasbourg.

  • French Syndicate of the real estate
    For more detailed information please refer to the section dealing with legal information.