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Services offered
- Detailed interview and individual study of buyer’s needs
- A tailor-made search
- Continuous contact and precise, detailed information
- Identified criteria-based visits with all necessary information
- Project completion

Quality assurance
- A service dedicated to the buyer
- Clearly and precisely established joint commitment
- Fast and efficient service
- Confidentiality guaranteed
- Unambiguous and detailed information
- Objective support and absolute availability of advice
- Guaranteed professionalism



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Frequently asked questions
- What is your main role ?
- What is the difference between Domicilium and an estate agent ?
- What is the difference between Domicilium and Advertising Agencies ?
- Who does Domicilium target ?
- What advantages does the buyer have by coming to Domicilium ?
- Your activity falls under what judicial control ?
- What are the fees charged by Domicilium ?
- Will the buyer pay more if he uses Domicilium rather than an estate agent ?
- Do you give priority to properties belonging to individuals ?
- In what geographical area are your searches done ?
Domicilium, Flat hunter lands, apartments, houses in France - In what geographical area are your searches done ?
- Do you undertake any property search ?
- How many sites do you visit during a search for a client ?
- Is your search done by contacting all those dealing with property transactions ?
- How is a client kept informed of your search ?
- After how many visits does a prospective buyer make his final choice ?
- What is the purpose of the visit agreement ?
- What happens if you cannot find the desired property for your client ?
- Are the services of a notary absolutely necessary when buying a property ?
- What is a registered bill of sale ?
- Does Domicilium help its client during all these technical and legal steps ?
- What will the notary’s charges amount to ?
- Would you like to ask any more questions ?

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Domicilium - 15 rue Saint-Bernard - 31000 Toulouse, France - Phone : 33 (0)5 62 27 22 60 -
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